Super Lutein Cure Menopausal Syndrome, Peripheral Nerve Injury, Floaters, Uterine Cancer And Stroke

Testimonial for menopausal syndrome, peripheral nerve injury, floaters, uterine cancer and stroke. Cancer patient left 6 month life. She took 30 capsules a day and now fully recovered

Super Lutein For Menopausal Syndrome, Peripheral Nerve Injury, Floaters, Uterine Cancer And Stroke

Super Lutein is an excellent herb for the health of human organs as a whole. Super Lutein can be used as a daily supplement for the nutritional needs of the body or used as an herb for the treatment of disease. Super Lutein contains 6 types of the most important of the carotenoids, the five most important types of nutrients based on human needs and combine with the proportion of vegetative functions best. Super Lutein also serves as an anticancer herb that has been recommended by specialists in the world 6600. Super Lutein also serves as an antiaging and antioxidant that is able to regenerate damaged body cells. Super lutein can improve the body’s metabolism is not well enough to function optimally.

Why should the Super Lutein? The role of Super Lutein as herbs to assist in the healing of various diseases and better used as a daily supplement due to the super lutein content of 6 carotenoid and 5 important component in having a stake in improving the body’s cells and help repair damaged body metabolism that is not good, including improve the body’s metabolic system.

Principles of Treatment With Super Lutein:

  • Improve the system by detoxifying the body’s metabolism that is spending all the toxins and poisons that settles in the body. In the process of detoxification is usually known as healing crisis (healing crisis) is feeling uncomfortable in the healing process. In this stage needs to be understood that not only the sick who will experience a detoxification but the whole organ. Hence it is not surprising when someone mengeluhan A disease is not only the disease but who feels the whole body healing crisis but also experience it. Healing crisis will be felt more intense when a person has a history of several diseases such as diabetic complications.

Example: Person A suffered from cataracts, but cataracts during the healing process is not progressing the expected but instead he felt pain in other areas of uric acid that has not been sick even once relapse. If he did not realize it was surely he would get angry because it is considered a side effect. Though it is the opposite, super lutein begin to detoxify the body parts that previously had suffered from gout, uric acid does not relapse does not mean he is free from uric acid but still there are symptoms that can arise at any time without notice especially dietary restrictions that are not good for uric acid. After the super lutein detoxify the entire body before super lutein began maximize the functions of all organs.

  • Optimizing  Function whole organ, in this stage after the body free from all toxins and poisons before super lutein push for near optimal whole organ, and usually start there is improvement from the sick body.
  • Regeneration of cells, in this stage super lutein accelerate turnover of damaged cells with cells of a new body, in this stage all the improvisation and stage of healing began to take place.

Treatment with herbal supplements super lutein gradually and inevitably takes time. The recommended dose for healing severe diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, cancer etc are:

  •  For the first 3 months of a dose of 3 x 5 capsules a day
  • For subsequent months, adjusted to the results of the first stage, and should be used as a daily supplement to maintain and preserve the health of all organs of the body. Consumption in the long run will make the body become easier and most importantly, no side effects whatsoever.

Super Lutein is also very effective for treating: Blood Pressure, Cancer, Tumors, Migraines, Stroke, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart, Cholesterol, Constipation, Dry Skin, Painful Menstruation / Menstrual Not Normal, Ulcerative / Injury, Joint Pain, Back Pain, mataKatarak, Rabun Far / Near, Eczema, Arteriosclerosis, Periodontosis, Eye Minus / Plus, Rabun Twilight, astigmatism Eye, Kidney Pain, Hepatitis, etc..

Super Lutein contains 6 types of carotenoids: The main ingredient is S. Lutena carotenoids. Carotenoids are organic pigments naturally occurring in chromoplasts of plants and some other photosynthetic organisms. Carotenoids have been widely recognized in recent years as an important component in disease prevention and healthy living. Carotenoids in S. Lutena including lutein, zeaxanthin, alpha-carotene, beta – carotene, lycopene and crocetin, and 5 other components namely Blue Berry, Blackcurrant, Vitamin B complex, vitamin E and DHA.

super lutein

In the past, people only focus on five types of nutrients ? protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals; later, food fiber was included as the sixth nutrient. In recent years as research in active oxygen progresses, phytonutrients have become the focus and is now regarded as the seventh nutrient.

Carotenoid is the key representative of phytonutrients and cannot be produced by the body.Those interested in a balanced diet should pay more attention to carotenoids.

Benefit Of Super Lutein


In the word “phytochemical”, “phyto” means “plants”. “phyto” refer to the nutrients originating from plants.
From the carotenoids in carrots and spinach. To the polyphends in tea and table wine, anthocyanidins in bluebemies, lycopene in tomatoes, and isoflavones in soy beans, there are now thousands of known phytochemicals



A nutrient stored in the yellow spot area in eyes and in the skin. A type of carotenoid, lutein is stored in the eyes and skin. Cabbage, the ingredient for “green juice” and spinach, a type of yellow green vegetable, are rich in lutein. Lutein is a powerful anti-oxidant and can prevent the harmful fats in the retina from over-oxidation, as well as absorb blue rays, preventing the retina from damages.

Lutein content in spinach (per 100g of edible parts) 10.20mg


Composition similar to that of lutein Stored in large quantities in our eye’s yellow spot area. Zeaxanthin has characteristics very similar to that of lutein. It is a member of the yellow orange pigment and is found in large quantities in plants such as maize and Japanese sweet “Fuyu” persimmon, as well as green tea, egg yolk, animal fats and the liver.

Through the process of metabolism, lutein is transformed into zeaxanthin, both of which are stored in the yellow spot area of the eyes. The latest research shows that lutein and zeaxanthin are located in different areas of the retina. The centre of the yellow spot has a higher ratio of zeaxanthin, while the periphery is mainly lutein.

Zeaxanthin content in Fuyu persimmon (per 100g of edible parts) 0.24mg


The red colour pigments in tomatoes With powerful anti-oxidation effect. Lycopene is found in the red colour pigments of tomatoes. When turning ripe under the sun, tomatoes protect themselves from the sunlight by producing lycopene.
Like lutein, lycopene has anti-oxidation effects.

There is a saying in Europe: “When tomatoes turn red, doctors’ faces turn green”. From this we can see that tomatoes and a healthy life are closely related. Processed foods can release the benefits of lycopene better than fresh vegetables, and as lycopene is fat soluble, adding a little oil when cooking can enhance the absorption of lycopene by the body.

Lycopene content in tomatoes (per 100g of edible parts) 3.10mg

alpha / beta carotene

The Vitamin A precursor that transforms vitamin A in the body. Both ?- and ?-carotene are found in the yellow and orange colour pigments of carrots and pumpkin. As they are safe in nature, they have been used as a colour addictive in foods, drinks and cosmetics since ancient times. Carotenes will be transformed into vitamin A according to the needs of the body. As they are important to the body, specialists have been actively conducting research on them for many years. Carotenes that have not undergone transformation have greater anti-oxidation effects.

Carotene within Carrot:

  • alpha- carotene/beta- carotene (per 100g of edible parts)
    alpha- carotene 3.6mg
    beta- carotene 7.9mg
    Carotene within Pumpkin
  • alpha- carotene/beta- carotene (per 100g of edible parts)
    alpha carotene 0.012mg
    beta carotene 0.82mg



A natural carotenoid closely observed by researchers all over the world. Crocetin is found in the fruit of Cape jasmine and the stamen and pistil of saffron. It is both fat and water soluble. Its most striking feature is its tiny molecular volume, which makes it easily absorbed by the body. At present researchers worldwide are conducting in-depth studies on how crocetin can relieve eye fatigue.

Take Cape jasmine for example. The colour molecules found in its fruit contain a glucose substance “crocetin (crocetin glycoside)” which is water soluble. This colour pigment can be said to be a safe, naturally occurring colour dye. It has been used as a colour addictive in Japanese “wagashi” sweet snacks and rice since ancient times. Crocetin is crocetin with the glucose removed, and only 1kg of crocetin can be extracted from 750kg of fruit, and is thus a precious natural carotenoid.

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