What is “Super Lutein (S.Lutena)”

  Super Lutein (S.Lutena) contains five of the most important types of carotenoids, five types of the most essential nutrients based on the human needs and combines this vegetative function by the best proportion. There are three name of Super Lutein:

  • Super Lutein, the name for all country unless Indonesia and Malaysia
  • S.Lutena is name of super lutein for Indonesia only,
  • S.Lutein is name of super lutein for Malaysia only

  The third name is the same that is super lutein products Naturally Plus Japan, Why three different names? The reason is very simple because the regulation of each country differ, the Rule in Indonesia does not allow the name “Super” in the trademark to be replaced by “S. Lutena“, as well as in Malaysia, rename super lutein with “S. Lutein” Lutein is an essential nutrient for humans but it is unable to synthesize in the human body. Apart from the good result for human eyes, Super Lutein also shows very good results for the skin, uterus, liver, blood, kidney, head and stomach.   Super Lutein Authentication of Safety   Super Lutein has obtained U.S., Japan, Australia and European Union manufacturing patents. Beside this, Super Lutein has also obtained Japanese health food supplement GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) and Japanese Omni-directional ISO 9001 and ISO22000 authentication, and become the healthy nutritious foods association’s members as well as recommended by the Japanese Association of Adult Disease Prevention. Super Lutein Xanthophyll is originated from Kemin Industries, Inc., and Kemin Industries, Inc., provides FloraGLO®. Lutein is the world’s leading patented, purified lutein and has been awarded GRAS status. (Generally Recognized As Safe) ( highest standard ) from FDA The soft capsule of Super Lutein is manufactured by DSM, to prevent the contents from acidification and oxidation. On the other hand, TOKIWA Phytochemical Co., Ltd. provides the pure texture and the densest of blackcurrant extracts. The other raw materials are sourced from Roche Corporate.   Natural Ingredients of Super Lutein Super Lutein mainly consists of six carotenoids:

  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin
  • alpha – Carotene
  • beta – Carotene ( a Vitamin A precursor )
  • lycopene
  • crocetin

  Complemented with nutrient supplements such as

  • cassis polyphenol
  • vitamin E
  • DHA

  Carotenoids are commonly found in yellow and green vegetables such as: cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, endives, asparagus, spinach, nettles, kiwi fruits, green apples, beans, peas, parsley, pepper grass etc. and are vital nutrients for health. Super Lutein also contains

  • blueberry extracts ( anthocyanins and Vitamin C )
  • vitamin B complex

  Super Lutein is a health food supplement containing balanced blend nutrients from yellow and green fruits. *A nutritious, function food ? – Carotene ( a Vitamin A precursor ) not only maintains night vision, but is also nutrient for healthy skin and mucus membranes.  

What is “Lutein”

“Lutein” (Xanthophyll) also known as the plant lutein, and also one kind of Carotene that coexist in the nature with the zeaxanthin. Lutein is present in a wide range of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other natural substances in plants. For example, in spinach, or in a variety of fruits, wheat and egg also contains certain amount of lutein. Based on medical experiments, is proven that lutein is a natural performance of antioxidants. By adding certain amount of lutein in the food can prevent aging of our body organs. At the same time also the prevention of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) caused by eyesight failing and blindness. Not only so, lutein also found as a dye in the nature way. Lutein is important natural way of antioxidant Lutein also has been proven is one of the important natural ways of “antioxidant”. The research discovered lutein also one of the most effective ingredients of suppression of fat peroxidation.  This kind of oxidation occurred in the eye and blood, the oxidation will produces the free radical that destroys the cell and cause series of cell aging degradation of the culprits of disease and even cancer. Lutein is the one to resist this free radical oxidation damage, especially in the retina and crystalline lens of the eye. The research indicates that an increase your recommended daily amount of lutein may reduce, delay, the aging of the eye degradation. However, lutein is not synthesized by the human body itself and it must be absorbed from food. Suggested that the average person daily should take 6-10 mg (approximately two rice bowl’s vegetables) of lutein, base on the duration use time of the eyes, living habits, pollution and other various factors. Patient may need to increase the intake of lutein, but should follow base on doctor’s advice (recommended maximum intake of up to 20mg one day).  But the majority of people have not taken sufficiency amount of lutein from the daily meals. Therefore many of the short-sighted people are taking lutein, including the prevention of myopia for children. A part of this, patient with xerophthalmia, those worker that use computer long time, a high degree of myopia, diabetic retinopathy, ADM patient,  people had just received short laser, should be take more lutein as well. Lutein Eye care Lutein is an important component of the macular in the retina of the yellow film and is a protection of the retina. When lack of lutein, it will cause the yellow spot degeneration and blurred vision easily and appear to deterioration of eyesight, symptoms such as short-sighted. The main physiological function of lutein is as an antioxidants and the protective effect of light. Lutein can absorb a large number of Blue lights, to avoid such a strong light damage. The blue lights wavelength is close to ultraviolet light and it’s wavelength of visible light can reach the retina and cause the biggest danger for eye. Lutein may protect our eyes and reduce AMD (age-related macular degeneration), Cataract, a high degree of myopia retinopathy, Diabetic retinopathy, P.R. (Retinitis pigmentosa), xerophthalmia, and other eyes problem. The role of antioxidant Lutein has strong oxidation that can suppress the active oxygen free radical and prevent reactive oxygen free radicals damage to normal cells. Experiments have shown that reactive oxygen will react with DNA, proteins, lipids and undermine their physiological functions. It will be also trigger such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, age-related chronic diseases such as yellow membrane degeneration occurred. Lutein may through physical or chemical inactivation of the role of quenching singlet oxygen in order to protect the body from harm, and enhance the body’s immunity. Lutein can also increase the skin and mucosal tissue of anti-ultraviolet function. Reduce the incidence of Cataract Cataract blindness is a major eye disease some study proved that by increasing the intake of lutein will reduce the incidence of cataract. Slow down the atherosclerosis Lutein may delay effect the atherosclerosis on the beginning stage. It is caused by the relationship between the main artery intima thickness of the main road of change and lutein content in the blood. When the blood lutein content is low, is easy to cause the artery blood vessel wall accumulation. Along with lutein content’s gradual increase, the artery wall accumulation tendency reduces; the arterial embolisms also significantly lower. At the same time, artery wall cells in lutein may also reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and also be possible to reduce lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Anti Cancer effect Many research indicated that lutein is a disincentive for many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, and so on. According to the latest research, in reducing the incidence of breast cancer and intake of lutein have the very close relations. This possible because involves coordination with other organs of the immune indirect. In the dietary intake of lutein is not only able to inhibit cancer it can even play a role in the prevention of cancer and enhance the immune system. Suggested that average per person daily reporter 400g~600g the fruit and vegetable may enable the cancer to reduce the relative risk of 50%.  

What is Zeaxanthin

The main carotenoids in human blood are ?-carotene, lycopene, lutein, ?-carotene, ?-ryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and other six. In the daily diet can be absorb a lot of carotenoids however, the human retina only select two kinds of nutrients that is lutein and zeaxanthin. They are highly concentrated in the macular area, which is responsible for the fine visual. Carotenoids are here for the performance of the deep yellow dots, also known as ‘macular pigment’. The zeaxanthin contains richly in the red pepper and Chinese wolfberry. However, in the human body after taken the carotenoid, must carry by the high quality cholesterol through the penetration pate barrier to attain the retina. Lutein and zeaxanthin reduced the blue light screening effects; limit the reactive oxygen cause by photochemical effect. The active oxygen is effect by the endogenous or exogenous light-sensitive. General carotenoids or specific lutein and zeaxanthin have the essential nature of the direct power to remove these damaging reactive oxygen species. Zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin of contain 11 conjugated double bonds, it is better to remove the singlet oxygen. From the point of view, the strongest incident has generated the most active oxygen in the center of macular. If lack of lutein and zeaxanthin, it would lead to AMD (age-related macular degeneration), blindness, cataracts, astigmatism, presbyopia, the pseudo-myopia, eyestrain, and so have different degrees of illness. As mentioned above, lutein and zeaxanthin are important nutrients in macular area. When the lutein and zeaxanthin is enough, the macular area will be able to see things clearly and convey to the brain. In the retinal macular there is a wealth of the carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, may protect the nerve damage. However, this two components of the human body cannot produce their own, must absorb from the fruits and vegetables. Zeaxanthin is the isomer of lutein, therefore it have important function to the human body, retina and macular. It also can be the same as the blue spectrum ultraviolet filter to prevent free radical damage. In addition, doctors also knew lutein and zeaxanthin as an endogenous “sunglasses”, because they protect the sensitive macular cells from high-energy blue light damage. Therefore confirm that zeaxanthin have protective function for the nerve. We have often heard people say that there are plenty eyesight of the efficacy of, because of the Chinese wolfberry contains a large number of zeaxanthin, can be concentrated in the macula to protect our eyes. Zeaxanthin can also use for anti-aging for the eyes. In addition, zeaxanthin can also suppress the anticancer treatment medicine to human body’s side effect, to stimulate the brain cells, enhancing human brain and memory. Although in the entire kind of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin is not the best capacity of the antioxidant but due to their hydrophilic nature, it can enter the eye’s retina and macular, thereby maintaining the health of the eye. The study also showed that even short-term increase the intake of these two types of carotenoids, will increase the macular pigment. Therefore, enhance confront against harmful substances and related light rays damage.  

What is “Lycopene”

Lycopene is a naturally carotenoids that found in plant, fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, pink grapefruit, guava and watermelon contains lycopene, in particular, especially tomato the content of lycopene is highest. Lycopene is a natural pigment, Therefore causes the tomato, the watermelon and the red grapefruit can shown the red. Lycopene is due to the color of the carbon conjugated double bonds (means that single and double bond structure of the emerging interactive).  Which reduces the double bond jumped to a high-energy electronic bands needed for energy, so that the molecules absorb longer wavelengths of visible light. The lycopene absorbs the majority visible light, therefore is red. Our bodies will not be manufacture lycopene by our self. Lycopene is a fat-soluble substance, when we eat food containing lycopene, chylomicrons in the small intestine will carry lycopene arrives at all part of our body’s by infuse of blood. Lycopene is also a very strong Antioxidants Lycopene is also a very strong antioxidants, it will cause the unable affect, before let the free radical injury cell, and against many types of degradation (aging) disease. The free radical is heart disease, cancer and the aged prime culprit and will promote clogged arteries, bone and the degradation of the nervous system. The main cause of skin aging is caused by ultra-violet light from the singlet oxygen; the lycopene is the most powerful device to prevent the singlet oxygen. In the anti-oxidation, such as 5-10mg daily consumption of lycopene will significantly increase the amount of lycopene in serum and also will reduces the fat and the protein oxidation. Fat and protein oxidation are harmful to the human body? Lycopene may resist the oxidation of LDL cholesterol; reduce incidence of coronary artery disease and also reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. Further research believed that lycopene may lower the eyes of macular degeneration, lipid oxidation of blood and lung, bladder, cervix and a variety of skin cancer. Lycopene can also reduce heart disease, UV damage and skin cancer. Lycopene is the best supplement for Anti Cancer Some study pointed out that lycopene may reduce the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectal cancer. Other report also shows that lycopene may also reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. In addition, lycopene can inhibit the proliferation of colon cancer and on prostate cancer; it also can prevent the formation of lung cancer. Lycopene supplement can help the body prevent variety of diseases caused by free radicals. The anti-free radical system of body will increase with age and growing recession, so we must added antioxidants to reduce the incidence of the disease and Enhancement physical strength and endurance. Lycopene may also lower the plasma cholesterol levels. There are also studies that lycopene-containing food products could reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and the risk of male infertility. At present looks like, the lycopene is the good dietary supplement for anti-cancer (inhibition) and anti-cancer.  

What Is “Crocetin”

Crocetin is a natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid that is found in the crocus flower. Crocetin also has a strong effect on blood circulation. Based on the non-toxic side effects and the good anti-cancer activeness of the crocetin, it caused crocetin becoming more and more important. Crocetin can use for relieve pain, blood detoxification and long-term use can improve the effectiveness of the body’s immune system. Not only that, crocetin is also improve blood circulation, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, is also can be use for sedative and eliminate the nerve. In addition, crocetin can strengthen the physique and improve the function of macrophages, eliminate those viruses around the cell, enhance the immune cell function and enhance resistance to the human body. Crocetin have a strong inhibition for blood cancer, papillary carcinoma, squamous cell tumors and soft tissue sarcoma. Research proves, crocetin can also improve oxygen supply in myocardial areas. Crocetin contain multiple type of glycoside, glycoside can be increase major blood flow in coronary. Crocetin can improve in microcirculation, bile secretion, and excretion thereby reducing the abnormally high levels of globulin and bilirubin. The research also discovered that crocetin can be use for some medical treatment of a variety of chronic human diseases. It is because crocetin have effect on blood circulation, anti-inflammatory; enhance the endurance and lymphocyte proliferation in order to improve the cellular immunity and humoral immunity. In recent years, crocetin have more detailed study in medicinal value and gradually revealed the pharmacological effects. Based on the anti-cancer activity and anti-cancer of crocetin it makes crocetin will become one of the ideal anticancer treatment medicines. Crocetin also play an important role in regulation on the circulatory system, anti-tumor, liver and gallbladder, kidney, immune. Therefore, crocetin will be one of the best anticancer treatment medicines in the 21st century.  

What Is “?-carotene (Beta – carotene)”

?-carotene is one of the carotenoids and also an Orange fat-soluble compounds. ?-carotene also act as an natural color agent.  *Carotenoids can absorb the Blu-ray light that is harmful to human and it is also a powerful antioxidant. The experiment proved that carotenoids can protect the retina, and to improve our eye sight.* a lot of natural foods such as: green vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, papaya, mango and so on …, there are a rich in of ? carotene. ?-carotene is an essential nutrient that can antioxidant, detoxification and maintenance of human health. ? carotene will be converted into vitamin A in human body. If the body excessive intake of vitamin A it can cause poisoning. Therefore, the body will turn ?-carotene into vitamin A when necessary. This made ? carotene become a safe origin of vitamin A. Human eyesight is depends eye fundus of macular, if you do not have enough of ?-carotene to protection and support and it will be occurrence of the degenerative diseases turn into night blindness. Although this kind of disease most happen within in the senior citizen, but it can be prevent as long as taken enough of ?-carotene. ?-carotene is not only in balanced ours nutrition, it also helps people to prevent disease, longevity and improve physical fitness. A large number of data confirmed that ?-carotene have the exact effect in the prevention of cancer. The free radicals that found in the body is not only damage the proliferation of normal cells and also give rise to distortion and the formation of cancer. The ?-carotene is the natural enemy for the free radical. Just like others carotenoids, ?-carotene is one kind of antioxidant. If taken those foods that rich in ?-carotene may prevent the physical contact and damage from free radical. Research has shown that high doses of ?-carotene may reduce people’s sensitivity to the sun. Other effects of ?-carotene:

  •  like a natural eye drops to help maintain the lubrication of the cornea and transparency, and improve the health of the eye
  •  Help cure a variety of eye diseases, including prevention of night blindness, as well as in the eyes of the formation of rhodopsin
  • Is the one of the most effective antioxidants that against free radicals
  • To strengthen the immune system and enhance the resistance
  • To prevent cancer cell division
  • To improve and strengthen the function of respiratory system
  • Reduce the chances for getting cancer and cardiovascular
  • may reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease
  • Enhance the function of reproductive system and urinary system; improve the vitality of the sperm and prevention of prostate disease
  • Reduce the probability  in breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, oral cancer and lung cancer
  • Prevent the cataract and help to the protect the crystal textile fiber part of eye
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Promote bone and tooth growth
  • Contribute to healthy of skin and hair
  • formation and maintenance of mucous membrane
  • Increases the human body to breathe resistivity of the infection
  • When externally applies, it can contribute to the treatment of sore Block, a small septic herpes, boil, carbuncle and ulcer
  • Contribute to emphysema, thyroid function Kang’s disease treatment

  This shows that, ?-carotene is the anti-cancer, prevention of heart disease and cataract. It also can defense the problem of eye and immune.  

What Is “?-Carotene (Alpa-carotene)”

Alpha – carotene has proven that it could suppress the lung cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer. There are at least 600 kind of natural carotenes found, however some of them (for example Beta – carotene and so on) can transform in vivo into Vitamin A. As we know, pumpkin and carrot consist not only Beta – carotene, they also includes the massive Alpha – carotene. Even though Alpha – carotene is structurally different with Beta – carotene, but its anticancer treatment effect is much more effective than Beta – carotene. It’s clear that Alpha – carotene is effective in anticancer treatment, and its resistance skin cancer’s effect is also very obvious. This has proven that Alpha carotene, in cancer prevention is indispensable.  

What Is “Blue Berry Extract”

Blueberries are very capable of absorbing free radicals. It can also reduce free radicals on the cell membrane, DNA and other cellular damage. Blueberries also can prevent disorders in the body and a number of old age diseases. . Blueberries contain a lot of potassium to help maintain the body’s fluid balance, normal blood pressure and heart function. The anthocyanins in blueberries can improve visual acuity; regulate the eye fatigue and increase the rhodopsin re-synthesis. The anthocyanins that found in Blueberry have strong antioxidant, may help to prevent arterial plaque formation and a variety of cancers, and may reduce the risk of contracting cancer, reduce heart disease, delay aging; and also increase resistance to infectious diseases. The blueberries contain the highest anthocyanins among all of the fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins have significant efficacy on the hardening of the arteries and heart disease, slow aging and enhances memory. In particular, blueberries also can increase collagen, can reduce intraocular pressure and ease eyestrain. Anthocyanin is a good antioxidant. It may neutralize the body’s metabolism biochemical oxidation produced by free radicals and avoid possible damage to human cells that cause immune system disease or even cancer. Blueberries contain a large number of fiber and rich in vitamin C, carotene. In addition, the blueberries highest capacity for antioxidant in more than 40 fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanin in blueberries has the unique micro-vascular protective effect. Our human’s eyes is the most densely site of small blood vessels among our human body organs. These micro-vascular cells is the the main transport system that supply nutrients and oxygen to the eye. Therefore, enhance human visual acuity is the most effectiveness significant from blueberry.  Most of the eyes problems are caused by the illness of retina, the glial of eye bone and eye pressure. The situations of these are due to the blood circulation problems in the eyes. Along with the age increase, metabolism deteriorate or over the use of the eyes will caused damages from  free radical, poor blood circulation and abnormal microvascular permeability of eye. The bad blood circulation and body fluids will accumulate abnormal pressure, increased intraocular pressure in the eye and caused eye ache. If getting more serious, it may result in the destruction of eye and causing glaucoma, cataract incidence. Therefore, the blueberry extract does not have the side effect and the unique anthocyanin that found in blueberries can be used to maintain the integrity of the blood vessels and enhance microvascular flexibility, and promote blood circulation to maintain normal eye pressure to alleviate a wide range of eye problems. Blueberries extract also a very good prevention to Diabetic Retinopathy. This is because anthocyanin that found in blueberry extract can lower down the free radicals damage in our body. Some study also found out that blueberries contain essential element for human eye retina and able activate human cells, anti-aging and clearer vision. Anthocyanins that found in blueberry in can relieve of eyestrain, enhance significantly the effectiveness of vision, delay aging, enhance cardiovascular function, prevention of cancer; diabetes; senile dementia, bone and joint diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, prostatitis, and other unique efficacy.  

What Is “Black Currant Extracts”

Black Currant contains very rich of vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, anthocyanins, phenols. Not only so, the vitamin C content of black currant is four times more than the orange and blackcurrant’s dark skin also rich in antioxidant polyphenols. The blackcurrant rich with antioxidant is more power than the quercetin, effectively hinder free radicals, along with stimulate the appetite, a blood-builder and refresh the mind. The research found that the anthocyanin of black currant is more than many types of berries, including the Black Berry, blue berries, and straw berries. Black currant has a very strong effect for health care, including the prevention of gout, anemia, edema, arthritis, rheumatism, mouth and throat diseases, such as coughing and so on. Blackcurrant also has very high medicinal value it can enhance human immunity, anti-aging, but also the treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Another study also pointed out that black currant will be able to reduce the risk for certain types of kidney stones. But besides including the anthocyanidin, black currant also contains a lot of vitamin C is also important to maintain a good health. Vitamin C may attain in the daily diet from the vegetables fruit, but Vitamin C belongs to the water-soluble Vitamin so is easy destruction by light, heat, alkaline environment. Because the human body is unable to store up Vitamin C, therefore needs the extra supplement to achieve body’s required quantity. The black currant also is one of the important sources of vitamin C.  

What Is “Vitamin B complex (Vitamin B group)”

Vitamin B complex is a group of water-soluble organic compounds. Their main role of it is to increase human’s metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, protein, to create red blood cells, to re-oxidize, and helped the operation of the nerve and muscle. Vitamin B complex can also adjust the body’s heat. However, if a lack of vitamin B complex, the metabolism of the body shape can be disorderly. Even it has taken several of nutrients equally, but without any Vitamin B complex all nutrition is unable to use fully and cell is unable to metabolize a new protein. The vitamin B complex will be able to burn all the protein, fat, carbohydrates and turn into heat. Vitamin B complex is water-solubility and absorbs by the blood. Therefore it can’t be stored in the human body, and the surplus will discharged from the urine or sweat.  Beside vitamin B12, the other group B vitamins is can’t stored in the body and discharged easily. So we have to add enough of vitamin B complex every day, in order to maintain the body’s normal chemical and biological role. Vitamin B complex including vitamin B1, B2, B5 (Pantothenic acid), B6, B12, vitamin M (Folic acid), vitamin H (Biotin), vitamin PP (Niacin) and so on. Each of the different vitamins has different function in digestive and has its own specific function of nutrition. But they can’t complete the task alone so we need vitamin B complex to assist it. The result will be better if you take the vitamin B complex at once than you take separately. Therefore, we should be taken Vitamin B complex because vitamin B complex can treat as the catalyst and the auxiliary mutually. Vitamin B complex is also active in the elimination of eczema, macula and make your skin back to normal. Vitamin b complex also can help people improve insomnia, but is better you take after lunch or after dinner, is not recommended u take before you sleep. Those who love sports should taken more vitamin B complex, it’s because vitamin B complex can helps burn the fat and maintain the normal metabolism.  Vitamin B complex could help you stay concentrate, so that children could learn better. Those people in hypotension can also try up vitamin B complex. Vitamin B1, known as the vitamin of the psychogenic and also an essential vitamin to transforms the sugar into energy. Its effectiveness also included promotes growth and help digestion, especially carbohydrates, to improve the spirit of good, the maintenance of nerve tissue, muscle, reduce of airsickness and seasickness. Vitamin B2 help to improve the development and regeneration of cells, skin, nails, the hair growth and help metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein. Vitamin B2 can also remove the lipid peroxides and other caused by atherosclerosis or physical obstacles in blood circulation and also effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. Vitamin B6 helps converts tryptophan to nicotinic acid and to alleviate symptoms of vomiting.  Vitamin B6 also prevent a variety of neurological diseases of skin and prevention of fatty liver function, but also with anti-allergy, and is a very good preventive for  hay fever pollenosis. Vitamin B12 function is to promote the formation of red blood cells and regeneration, prevents anemia, to promote child development, enhance appetite, enhancing physical strength, the elimination of fidgeting, stay focus, enhance memory and sense of balance.  

What Is “Vitamin E”

Vitamin E are widely distributed in nature and vitamin E-rich foods: wheat germ, soybeans, vegetable oils, nuts, Brussels sprouts, green leafy vegetables, spinach, add nutrients flour, whole wheat, not refined products of cereals, eggs. In recent years, there are two types of vitamin E; synthetic and natural, the both are effective but the natural vitamin E is easier to absorb for human body. The natural vitamin E can retention longer time in human tissue, the effect may be double up compare with synthesis vitamin E. Vitamin E is most extensive effect than any of the major nutrients in the human body. Vitamin E has a very good oxidation resistance in the body. Vitamin E is also able to maintain the integrity of red blood cells; improve the synthesis of anti-pollution and anti-sterile effect. Vitamin E has been widely used in anti-aging and it may be elimination the sediment of lipofuscin in the cells to improve the cell’s normal function for slow down the aging process of cells and its liposolubility can be stored in the liver, adipose tissue, heart, muscle, testis, uterus, blood, kidneys, vice, in the pituitary and so on. People gradually realize that the vitamin E has antioxidant function and may work with variety of enzymes in the body together for constitute anti-oxidation system. It may also have the protection of the cytoskeleton, nucleic acids and against free radical attack. Therefore, vitamin E has certain function in maintenance of the immune, nervous, cardiovascular functioning, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-aging and anti-cancer. At the same time, vitamin E has a certain degree of immunological function and able to improve the proliferation of T lymphocytes and mononuclear cells secrete cytokines. Vitamin E can improve peripheral blood circulation; prevent atherosclerosis, maintenance the integrity of red blood cells, white blood cells, brain cells, epithelial cells and in order to maintain normal function for muscle, nerve and blood vessel system. Some study also found that vitamin E has similar physiological effects of ginseng, such as a protective effect on gastric ulcer; improve the synthesis of DNA and protein; extend the lifetime of red blood cells; enhanced activity of disease-free and antioxidant. It can also enhance the resistance and maintenance normal permeability of skin capillary, to improve blood circulation and adjustment reproductive function. Vitamin E also can be used for coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, habitual abortion, muscular dystrophy, muscle cramps, neonatal scleroderma, and lupus erythematosus. The benefits of vitamin E also include:

  • Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant to prevent fat compounds, vitamin A, selenium (Se), two kinds of amino acids and sulfur oxidation of vitamin C; also anti-free radical for slow cell oxidation and aging.
  • Enhance the function of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E also a very important vasodilator, anti-clotting agent can protection of cardiovascular for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  • Supply the oxygen in the body so that you become more endurance
  • Enhance the liver’s detoxification function Prevent blood coagulation
  • Alleviate fatigue
  • Can prevent the scars left behind can also speed up the rehabilitation of burns
  • Help to alleviate the hand, foot and leg cramps and stiffness
  • Lower the risk of ischemic heart disease
  • Reduce premenstrual phase syndrome; Prevents the miscarriage
  • Increase the sex hormone secretion to improve the reproductive ability
  • Prevention of senile dementia
  • Prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration
  • Assist in the treatment of diabetes

  A daily dose of Vitamin E is 100mg. When taken more than 400mg a day, vitamin E will have some mild anticoagulant effect. When the daily dose of vitamin E is more than 3200 international units per day, it has the toxic effect and the symptoms headache, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, and other symptoms.  

What Is “DHA (Docose Hexaenoic Acid)”

The original name of DHA is the Docose Hexaenoic Acid, which is highly essential fatty acid within the brain and also belongs to the Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid. DHA is able to prevent the cholesterol deposition in the blood vessel wall and also to prevent or reduces atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease occurred. The most important is the vital role of DHA in a brain cells. It except can prevent the cholesterol sediment on blood vessel wall; prevent or alleviate atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease occurred but most important is the DHA has a vital function on brain cells. It is extremely advantageous to the Cranial nerve conduction and synaptic development. Not only this, DHA also is important components of the brain and retina, in the human cerebral cortex is  content as high as 20% of the retina and in the eye is about 50%. In order to allow maintaining the normal function of our human body, we must have a sufficient value of fatty acids. If lack of those fatty acids, it will lead to a series of symptoms, including growth retardation, unusual skin scale, mental retardation and so on. DHA is one of the essential fatty acid for human body to enhance their memory and thinking abilities, intellectual and so on. Human’s memory, thinking ability is depending on the ability brain cells to control the message and the nerve synapses. DHA approximately content around 25% in the nervous tissue, the synapse is controlling information transmission essential spot and composed of the synapse membrane. DHA contribute to its structural integrity, and play their full role. When a long-term lack of DHA, the synaptic membrane will lack the DHA that containing PL and structure will be destroyed and the information transmission, the power of thought has the adverse effect. Therefore the essential fatty acid will maintains each kind of organization’s function in human body. DHA takes one kind of essential fatty acid, its enhancement memory, thought and improve the intellectual. Not only so, DHA may against cancer and also prevent the inflammation. DHA is indispensable highly unsaturated fatty acids to human. DHA also will help promote fetal development; enhances the child intelligence and the prevention of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases, softening blood vessels, reducing blood fat, anti-aging and prevention of dementia. With the constant advancement of science and technology, the role of DHA are gradually being confirmed and accepted by scientists of the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and France. Those scientists carried out a large number of scientific experiments to verify one of the main elements that form the cell membrane and the cells is DHA. However, we unable to synthesis DHA by our self it must be obtained from the diet. But the lutein is the protection of DHA. Lutein can contribute to infant’s development of the retina and the brain and increase the absorption of DHA. . Therefore, in infants and young children or pregnant women to choose to add DHA, can be considered at the same time contain lutein and DHA nutritional supplements.  


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