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Laminine Nutrisi Herbal Bantu Penyembuhan Depresi

Laminine Nutrisi Herbal Bantu Penyembuhan  Depresi

Laminine Nutrisi Herbal Bantu Penyembuhan Depresi


Testimonial Misty Hart Bell from Texas
I suffer from many ailments and chronic fatigue, the list goes on and on, and I didnt even need a nap the next day.. Day two.. slept great, no naps, had some energy to clean my house and I went to bed midnight, I never go to sleep before 2am-4am
after I taken laminine:
Day two.. slept great, no naps, had some energy to clean my house and I went to bed midnight, I never go to sleep before 2am-4am.. day 4 in the evening I felt this wave of happiness hit my body, which I suffer from depression and I dont really feel happy even though I have so much that is good in my life.. I love the feeling it gave me.. I have been so calm with my kids.. Day 5 I started taking 2 supplements in the morning and didnt need a nap that day either.. but I did however on day 6 move my living room furniture around, something I have not did in 8 years…I have anxiety and panic also, and only went into anxiety once this week when my kid at the grocery store hurt herself and started crying, I calmed down pretty quick, where normally it would ruin my day..

day 4 felt a rush of happiness.. I only feel this a few times a year as I think I mentioned the other day.. but the last few days every day!!! I have been so happy.. I started crying to my husband last night, that I havent felt this happy in so many years, when my dad was killed 16 years ago the life force left my body to when he died.. ofcourse I get happy cause I love my family and my kids and I see funny things on tv or a kid trips and things can be funny, but a true happiness that I havent felt in over 16 years, and I am crying now as I type this, I am not sure if its a guilty cry because I miss my dad so much, that I thought my life couldnt ever be happy without him, maybe a cloud of depression has lifted, I am still trying to figure things out, but just knowing that I feel happy now.. and it comes in waves.. I just feel content, life is good.. like a rush!! and never have this so many days in a row.. I am so thankful I listened to the right person, and I did tons or research, and I dont just try anything, I study, I learn and then maybe I will try.. I am skeptical of so many things, but when 2 close friends were having results and my 2 close friends have no reason to lie to me.. I ordered just to try.. and so far so good.. Life is good!

I just realized that my eczema is doing great, I ran out of sacred frankincense oil about 10 days ago and havent ordered any and then about a week ago I am running out of my gator oil and only using it on the sores that are open, and I just realized my skin is pretty much near perfect, I knew it helped with skin, but I didnt know about skin disorders.. this is amazing.. :)

Such a busy day… I had a garage sale, the first one I had energy to do in over 15 months.. Sorted, stacked, went thru, priced and only on 6 hours of sleep and I am still going strong.. I did get tired about 1, but ate something and got some energy back.. so even though My feet are really sore, I am ready to face the weekend.. I am having very vivid dreams on laminine, it gets your brain neurons to firing and dreams are either wonderful or your being chased by a…. last nights’ dream was about Blake Shelton last night, I dont really even listen to country music.. very weird,.. but anyways its day 21 and still no nap or sneaking into bed to lay down.. there is so much time in the day when your not sleeping it away.. I hope you all have a safe weekend.. I am so far behind on my tv shows, I just dont sit down and watch tv unless we are winding down for bedtime..

day 60 and I have to say I cannot live without my laminine, even though I had a rough week after losing it on vacation, I am still happy, my sleeping is back on schedule and I got my 3 bottles in yesterday so now I have a back up for my back up.. lol.. if your wanting to try it.. give it a full 30 days.. take up to 4 a day.. and if you dont feel a change at day 30, you get your money back.. . what can I say.. I dont sell things I dont believe in and use.. I love this stuff!!



Laminine Nutrisi Herbal Bantu Penyembuhan Depresi


Produk Laminine


The Happy Pill Laminine

Laminine adalah Super Food Sinergi hanya dari Bahan-bahan Alami yang mengandung :

  • 22 Asam Amino
  • Trace Mineral
  • Vitamin
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).


Struktur Molekul Laminine

Kombinasi sempurna dari kehidupan yang berasal dari tanah, laut dan tanaman. Sumbernya “Miracle of Life“. 11 Studi klinis telah dilakukan yang menunjukkan dampak Positif Laminine terhadap Fisik, Mental, Kekuatan Emosional dan Kesehatan keseluruhan. Banyak orang bersaksi bahwa Laminine memberikan mereka perubahan nyata hanya dalam waktu 48 jam

Manfaat Laminine :

  • Peningkatan Energi & Tidur Lebih Baik
  • Peningkatan Stamina & Pemulihan Setelah Latihan / Olah Raga &∓ Fitness
  • Bentuk Otot yang lebih baik
  • Peningkatan Kekuatan Otot
  • Meningkatkan Libido / Gairah Sex
  • Suasana hati dan lebih baik Merasa Well Being

Studi klinis menunjukkan bahwa penggunaan rutin Laminine membantu:

  • Mengurangi Tanda-tanda Penuaan
  • Membangun Kolagen untuk Kulit Sehat
  • Merangsang DHEA Alam & Testosteron
  • Peningkatan Kekuatan Fisik, Mental & Emosional
  • Mengurangi Stres
  • Tidur lebih nyenyak
  • Pemulihan lebih cepat setelah Olah Raga &∓ Meingkatkan Kekencangan otot
  • Meningkatkan Hormon Serotonin – Be Happy!
  • Menghilangkan Rasa Nyeri
  • Meningkatkan Kejelasan dan Kewaspadaan
  • Meningkatkan Stamina & Energi
  • Meningkatkan Libido
  • Membantu Fungsi Otak
  • Membakar Lemak

Manfaat 22 Asam Amino dalam Produk Laminine

Keseimbangan lengkap asam amino yang terkandung dalam Laminine dan mencakup:

  • Sistin
  • Metionin
  • Asam aspartat
  • Treonin
  • Serin
  • Asam Glutamat
  • Prolin
  • Glycine
  • Alanine
  • Valine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leusin
  • Tirosin
  • Histidin
  • Ornitine
  • Lysine
  • Arginine
  • Hydroxyproline
  • Amonia

Glisin dan glutamin merupakan prekursor nukleotida. Nukleotida adalah molekul, ketika bergabung bersama-sama, membentuk unit struktur RNA dan DNA.

Blok Bangunan Protein ini melakukan berbagai peran penting dalam tubuh dan membantu kita untuk tetap sehat dalam banyak cara.

  • Antioksidan membantu memerangi radikal bebas dan racun lingkungan termasuk sinar ultraviolet, radiasi, merokok, dan polusi udara.
  • Manfaat dalam mengobati beberapa kondisi pernafasan, seperti bronkitis dan PPOK. Angina, bronkitis kronis dan Penyakit Paru Obstruktif Kronik (PPOK), Influenza, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), HIV / AIDS.
  • Mengurangi gejala asma, cystic fibrosis, dan emphysema.
  • Mencegah kanker usus besar.
  • Mencegah katarak dan degenerasi makula.
  • Membantu meningkatkan HDL kolesterol baik.
  • Membantu meningkatkan kesuburan ketika diambil bersama dengan obat kesuburan pada orang dengan penyakit ovarium polikistik.
  • Membantu meningkatkan hasil pada anak-anak dengan adrenoleukodystrophy otak canggih, jenis leukemia.
  • Membantu mengobati kecanduan kokain, skizofrenia, dan perjudian.
  • Mengurangi resiko kanker paru di kalangan perokok.
  • Penurunan Cell oksidasi.
  • Meningkatkan neurotransmitter di otak.





Untuk Informasi dan Pembelian Produk Laminine:

 Silahkan menghubungi :
E-mail: [email protected], YM: annisa_lidya
SMS/telp: +60164019528, sms saja: +6283857257768,

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