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Penyembuhan Bipolar

Penyembuhan Bipolar

Subject: Laminine Testimonial for BiPolar ll

Dear Friends,

Here is an important testimonial from a gentleman with Bipolar Disorder ll who was “hours away from a well-planned suicide.” Following his testimonial are some 3rd party peer reviewed and published research papers (from that speak to the power of Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) in ‘Neuropsychiatric Disorders’. Yale Medical School is ‘on it’!

Laminine has FGF2 in addition to all of life’s amino acids in it.

“In October 2011 I was diagnosed with Bipolar II by the medical team at the University of Washington. Without being aware as to what was wrong, I had suffered for close to 20 years and was literally hours away from a well planned suicide when I was hospitalized. Over the years I was given medications for depression and anxiety that ranged from Valium to Xanax to others I cannot recall to mind. Nothing helped and I lost jobs and finally my family to this horrific disease. Once diagnosed I was given both Lithium and Seroquel with very few if any positive results and a multitude of adverse side effects, the most drastic of which was Lithium toxicity. I had a stoke of luck when my then Psychiatrist was remiss in refills and I ran short of medication. My psychologist suggested that I try Laminine at two doses of three tablets per day. I had nothing to lose, but to say the least I was very skeptical after almost two decades of “pills” and my latest experience with both Lithium and Seroquel. To be honest I was an emotional train wreck with the inability to focus, fits of weeping, poor appetite, and further thoughts of suicide. Every second was a living hell and I felt there was no escape with the possible exception of death. I was absolutly amazed that the day after beginning Laminine I felt centered, calm, and probably most important of all a sense of contentment with my life which only the day before seemed hopeless. I am still amazed, and as nothing changed in my day-to-day existence other than Laminine, I can only say that I credit getting the edge in my battle with Bipolar II to it. Sound too good to be true?…yes, but fact is in this case stranger than fiction!” John S, Seattle, WA

Neural stem cell regulation, fibroblast growth factors, and the developmental origins of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Stevens HE, Smith KM, Rash BG, Vaccarino FM.
Source Yale Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine New Haven, CT, USA.


There is increasing appreciation for the neurodevelopmental underpinnings of many psychiatric disorders. Disorders that begin in childhood such as autism, language disorders or mental retardation as well as adult-onset mental disorders may have origins early in neurodevelopment. Neural stem cells (NSCs) can be defined as self-renewing, multipotent cells that are present in both the embryonic and adult brain. Several recent research findings demonstrate that psychiatric illness may begin with abnormal specification, growth, expansion and differentiation of embryonic NSCs. For example, candidate susceptibility genes for schizophrenia, autism and major depression include the signaling molecule Disrupted In Schizophrenia-1 (DISC-1), the homeodomain gene engrailed-2 (EN-2), and several receptor tyrosine kinases, including brain-derived growth factor and fibroblast growth factors, all of which have been shown to play important roles in NSCs or neuronal precursors. We will discuss here stem cell biology, signaling factors that affect these cells, and the potential contribution of these processes to the etiology of neuropsychiatric disorders. Hypotheses about how some of these factors relate to psychiatric disorders will be reviewed.

Blessings, Phyllis G.

Holistic dentist


Laminine Nutrisi Herbal Bantu Penyembuhan  Bipolar


Produk Laminine


The Happy Pill Laminine

Laminine adalah Super Food Sinergi hanya dari Bahan-bahan Alami yang mengandung :

  • 22 Asam Amino
  • Trace Mineral
  • Vitamin
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).


Struktur Molekul Laminine

Kombinasi sempurna dari kehidupan yang berasal dari tanah, laut dan tanaman. Sumbernya “Miracle of Life“. 11 Studi klinis telah dilakukan yang menunjukkan dampak Positif Laminine terhadap Fisik, Mental, Kekuatan Emosional dan Kesehatan keseluruhan. Banyak orang bersaksi bahwa Laminine memberikan mereka perubahan nyata hanya dalam waktu 48 jam

Manfaat Laminine :

  • Peningkatan Energi & Tidur Lebih Baik
  • Peningkatan Stamina & Pemulihan Setelah Latihan / Olah Raga &∓ Fitness
  • Bentuk Otot yang lebih baik
  • Peningkatan Kekuatan Otot
  • Meningkatkan Libido / Gairah Sex
  • Suasana hati dan lebih baik Merasa Well Being

Studi klinis menunjukkan bahwa penggunaan rutin Laminine membantu:

  • Mengurangi Tanda-tanda Penuaan
  • Membangun Kolagen untuk Kulit Sehat
  • Merangsang DHEA Alam & Testosteron
  • Peningkatan Kekuatan Fisik, Mental & Emosional
  • Mengurangi Stres
  • Tidur lebih nyenyak
  • Pemulihan lebih cepat setelah Olah Raga &∓ Meingkatkan Kekencangan otot
  • Meningkatkan Hormon Serotonin – Be Happy!
  • Menghilangkan Rasa Nyeri
  • Meningkatkan Kejelasan dan Kewaspadaan
  • Meningkatkan Stamina & Energi
  • Meningkatkan Libido
  • Membantu Fungsi Otak
  • Membakar Lemak

Manfaat 22 Asam Amino dalam Produk Laminine

Keseimbangan lengkap asam amino yang terkandung dalam Laminine dan mencakup:

  • Sistin
  • Metionin
  • Asam aspartat
  • Treonin
  • Serin
  • Asam Glutamat
  • Prolin
  • Glycine
  • Alanine
  • Valine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leusin
  • Tirosin
  • Histidin
  • Ornitine
  • Lysine
  • Arginine
  • Hydroxyproline
  • Amonia

Glisin dan glutamin merupakan prekursor nukleotida. Nukleotida adalah molekul, ketika bergabung bersama-sama, membentuk unit struktur RNA dan DNA.

Blok Bangunan Protein ini melakukan berbagai peran penting dalam tubuh dan membantu kita untuk tetap sehat dalam banyak cara.

  • Antioksidan membantu memerangi radikal bebas dan racun lingkungan termasuk sinar ultraviolet, radiasi, merokok, dan polusi udara.
  • Manfaat dalam mengobati beberapa kondisi pernafasan, seperti bronkitis dan PPOK. Angina, bronkitis kronis dan Penyakit Paru Obstruktif Kronik (PPOK), Influenza, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), HIV / AIDS.
  • Mengurangi gejala asma, cystic fibrosis, dan emphysema.
  • Mencegah kanker usus besar.
  • Mencegah katarak dan degenerasi makula.
  • Membantu meningkatkan HDL kolesterol baik.
  • Membantu meningkatkan kesuburan ketika diambil bersama dengan obat kesuburan pada orang dengan penyakit ovarium polikistik.
  • Membantu meningkatkan hasil pada anak-anak dengan adrenoleukodystrophy otak canggih, jenis leukemia.
  • Membantu mengobati kecanduan kokain, skizofrenia, dan perjudian.
  • Mengurangi resiko kanker paru di kalangan perokok.
  • Penurunan Cell oksidasi.
  • Meningkatkan neurotransmitter di otak.





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Laminine: Penyembuhan Sharcoma Retooth & Bilateral Fibular Neuropathies



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